Kazamatsuri.org Podcast: The Monthly Terra December 2014 (And an announcement!)


Here we are with the December 2014 edition of The Monthly Terra! Joining me once again are forum members Bizkitdoh, LinkThinks, Pepe and rune_devros. We’ve had so much to talk about in this episode that we couldn’t possibly fit it within the usual timeframe, so this time we spent a whole hour covering everything we needed to talk about. This month has been crazy! We’ve also included a special announcement at the end of the podcast, so if you can’t be bothered listening to the rest of the podcast, at least listen to that section!

Appologies for the audio problems with this one. There were a whole lot of unexplained clicks and clacks that I couldn’t hope to edit out of the audio, so there’s not much I can do. Hopefully the issue won’t reappear in future recordings. Other than that, I really hope you enjoy the podcast! We had a fantastic time recording it, so hopefully you enjoy it half as much as we did!

Also, something that’s been a long time coming! The Kazamatsuri.org Podcast now has an XML feed, meaning you can subscribe to it with a media player like iTunes! You can access the feed here:


Otherwise, you can download the mp3 of the podcast here.

1:50 - CLANNAD Kickstarter (Side Stories Unlocked, Manga Anthology Unlocked, Kickstarter Ends)

9:41 - Japesland’s KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection Released

12:14 - VisualArt’s/Key AMA

15:10 - Comiket 87

19:12 - HOLY BREAKER! Released

21:00 - Key 15th Fes.

24:45 - Harmonia Announced

29:40 - Angel Beats! VN Details (ANIPLEX×Key Livestream, CGs, Maeda Details, More Details)

36:03 - Charlotte (Announcement, Info, More Info)

We got some details wrong here, specifically regarding the character bios for Tomori and Otosaka. For example, pulling words like ‘sadistic’ and ’narcisitic’ out of nowhere. Sorry about that, all this news is a bit confusing.

47:01 - Forum Highlights:

Charlotte Pre-Release Discussion and Speculation

Who is your Favourite Key Character and Why?

Favourite Key Series Poll

Little Busters! Minigame Discussion

Guild Category Added

Christmas Topic

What does Kazamatsuri.org mean to you?

50:32 - Litbus.net by @Rincchi.

56:23 - Key Oekaki (Notable mentions to @H_sueun and @9scp)

58:32 - Special Announcement!

The podcast also features audio from Japesland’s KEY
Anthology Saxophone Collection!

As of this episode of the podcast, we’ll be looking to start shuffling the cast up a bit. Are you interested in joining us on the podcast? We’re on the lookout for charismatic individuals with a passion for Key (who may or may not have a good microphone and a sexy voice). We’re soon going to be holding group interviews/auditions over Skype for a role on the podcast. If you’re keen, you can register your interest in the discussion topic for this post, and we’ll be in touch! Even if you’ve already auditioned before for the planetarian Bookclub, don’t be afraid to try again; I’ve embarassingly misplaced all my notes from the past auditions anyway, so you can consider any auditions now as starting from a clean slate, hahaha. And if you weren’t here for the planetarian Bookclub, all the more reason to raise your hand to get involved! We hope to hear from many of you!


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