News from the ANIPLEX×Key Livestream!


In today’s live event, a bunch of news pertaining to Angel Beats! 1st Beat was announced! We were treated to a new trailer of the VN, featuring a bunch of new CGs we haven’t seen before! Later they went on to explain a bunch of new details about the game. It will feature a new OP sung by Lia titled “Heartily Song!”, and the entire cast of the anime series will be returning. We’ve also finally been given a release date! Angel Beats! -1st Beat- is scheduled to launch on the 29th of May 2015, Pre-orders beginning on the 30th of January for ¥7,500. The official website has been updated with the new details and CGs here:

But that’s not all! A bunch of other news was announced during the event as well, including a new Girls Dead Monster single titled Million Star! The single itself will be packaged along with the First Beat pre-orders as a bonus. On top of that, a continuation of the KSL Live World concerts was announced for 11th and 12th of April 2015 with KSL Live World: Way to the Angel Beats! -1st-. As the title indicates, it will be focusing on Angel Beats! this time. Also, an Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Box featuring a new OVA episode titled ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ was announced for release on the 24th of June.

But now, for the news everyone has been speculating about: the ’New Project’ by Key and ANIPLEX has been unveiled! It is an original animation project by P.A. Works with a scenario by Jun Maeda and characters by Na-Ga titled Charlotte, and it is scheduled to broadcast in 2015! A website for the series has been published here:

Let’s all take a long breath to digest all that information, and let us know what you think of it all in the discussion below!


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