More Angel Beats! & Charlotte info from Visualstyle and Dengeki G's magazines


Yet more details about the Angel Beats! visual novel have surfaced, this time along with some Charlotte information as well. The news comes from the Visualstyle magazine provided to Comiket 87 attendees visiting the VisualArt’s booth. As with last time, our source for this information is a secondhand summary of the contents of the VisualStyle provided by two Twitter users: @kyohuuhina and @claflbex. This information was sourced from a summary posted on 2ch (read here if the link doesn’t work). Below is our rough translation of this summary. Keep in mind that since this information has passed through so many hands, there’s a possibility information decay, so please take all of this with a grain of salt. We’ve done our best to ensure that the information we’re reporting is accurate, but if it comes to light that we’ve made a mistake, we’ll do our best to correct any misinformation. Please consider following our Twitter for update notifications.

Angel Beats!:

  • The length of 1st beat’s common route is comparable to the length of CLANNAD’s common route.

  • The battles with the shadows were originally planned to follow an RPG combat format, but this was cut in favour of text-based battles with lots of choices for the player to make to influence the outcome. These battle scenes contribute to a large portion of the game’s text.

  • Completing a character’s route doesn’t necessarily mean that they will disappear. But at the very least, by the end of the 6th game they’ll have all disappeared eventually.

  • After finishing a route, you are looped back to the beginning.

  • If a character does disappear, then they will remain absent from the game in future loops. (Credit to @relentlessflame for figuring this one out)

  • Voice recording for the game commenced at the start of the new year.

  • Currently, 2 new songs have been composed.

  • Regarding 2nd beat and onwards, Jun Maeda will at least be writing Yuri and Sekine’s routes.


  • There will be 4 main characters. However, the amount of side-characters to be introduced will number more than that of Angel Beats!.

  • There are no plans for a game adaptation right now.

  • There are 2 GirlDeMo-like bands. They will both have singles/albums released. One group has Maeda doing both lyrics and composition, while the other group has Maeda doing lyrics and another person doing composition.

Along with this, some more information has come to our attention (pastebin). This time, it’s an interview with Jun Maeda in Dengeki G’s about Charlotte. I’ve provided a quick and dirty summary of the information below, but if anyone is able to provide a more accurate and complete translation, please contact me and I’ll update this post.

  • Delighted to be working together again, Maeda and P.A. Works acknowledge the mistakes they made when producing Angel Beats!, and aim to do with Charlotte what they could not with Angel Beats!.

  • The plan was to produce a very Key-like story.

  • Angel Beats! was never able to take the time to develop individual characters’ stories, always jumping from one to another at a rapid pace, and many cuts had to be made to fit the story within 13 episodes. This time, the story will only focus on 4 main characters, two of which are our male protagonist Yuu Otosaka, and our heroine Nao Tomori.

  • The four main characters are members of the student council, and one of them runs a band.

  • Jun Maeda has worked on the OP, ED, and insert songs for the series.

  • Singers have been chosen for the songs, and recording for the compositions has begun.

  • Since the show features two bands, the number of songs featured in the series is quite large. Jun Maeda is incorporating some of the songs he wrote in his youth into the series, and composition is coming along well.

  • The series features a singer who doubles as the character’s voice actor.

  • An early proposed title was ‘AA’, but they later decided on ‘Charlotte’.

  • As opposed to Angel Beats! which had a very flashy and fast-paced beginning, Charlotte will start off slow and ease into the plot gradually. They’re confident you’ll be able to feel more from the story this way.

  • Yuu Otosaka: A first-grade transfer student. An idiot who somehow manages to convince others he’s a model student by cheating his way through school. A master of his own crafts, but very awkward when it comes to relationships with others.

  • Nao Tomori: The dominant first-grade leader of the student council. She is very smart and capable, but doesn’t like when people fail to acknowledge her efforts. The reason why she carries a camcorder around will be explained in the series.

Once again, please take all of this info with a massive grain of salt, especially the latter Charlotte info which I translated all on my own. If you have a good grasp on the Japanese language and see error in my translation, please let me know so I can correct any mistakes and ensure that this post is providing the correct information.


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