Jun Maeda shares new details about Angel Beats! -1st beat-


Recently, the Angel Beats! & Charlotte edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine was published, and contained lots of new information which we’ve covered in previous posts over the last week. Among it, Jun Maeda shares some new details about Angel Beats! -1st beat-. A post on the Key/Leaf board of 2ch has highlighted all of the noteworthy information from the article. Below is a rough translation of the post.

Iwasawa’s Route:

“What would happen if love blooms in the afterlife?”

“What would two people who love each other do in this situation?”

This route will stab you in the heart.

Yui’s route:

Although Otonashi is the protagonist, only Hinata can support Yui. Watching over Yui and Hinata, what kind of support can you give?

Matsuhita’s route:

This route contains a special gimmick. It is the reason why Matsuhita was chosen as a character route in the first game of the six-part series.

Game System:

The story progresses day by day, and is split into morning and afternoon sections. Characters locations are displayed on a map, and by choosing who you want to see and deepen your bond with, the story will branch in different directions accordingly.

“Iwasawa will not graduate from the afterlife at the same time as in the TV anime.”

“Guild can be destroyed by Angel.”

“Otonashi awakens to his homosexuality (?!)”

Also, there will be other developments based on choices made.

A brief summary, but lots of interesting info contained within. Feel free to speculate about it in the discussion below. We currently don’t have access to the full article from the magazine, but if more noteworthy information comes to light, we will bring it to your attention.

Thanks to forum members @Zak89 and @JimRaynor_2001 for bringing the news to my attention, and thanks to @Kaze for helping me translate the post into English.



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