4Gamer.net Reveals New Angel Beats! -1st beat- CGs!


Two days ago, Japanese gaming news site 4Gamer.net has shared with us a bundle of (mostly) new Angel Beats! -1st beat- CGs! Here we will provide a rough translation of the new CG descriptions.

While watching the night sky sitting atop the steps, Hisako tells Iwasawa about her life.


One of Yui’s dreams during her lifetime was to perform a German Suplex. In order to grant that wish, Otonashi was willing to sacrifice his body.


After working hard to help grant Yui all of the wishes she had during her lifetime, she finally reveals her deepest wish. “Marriage; the greatest happiness for a woman."


Before the formation of the SSS, this band had yet to be named Girls Dead Monster. Here we have Hisako and Iwasawa playing together in their school uniforms. The origins of their band are revealed.


Otonashi and Iwasawa’s wedding. In the world of the afterlife, the two pledge their love for one another.


Otonashi wakes up with no memory of who he is or what he’s doing, and looks to find a girl at his side, aiming a large rifle toward the school courtyard.


"Operation Tornado” is successful in halting Angel’s progression. A myriad of meal tickets float down from the cafeteria.


During the baseball game, Otonashi performs an Octopus Hold on Yui. But wasn’t this supposed to be Hinata’s role..?


During the testing period, a strategy is formulated to distract the class in order to swap out Angel’s answer sheet and cause her to fail. Even Irie can be chosen to participate in this operation.


During the testing period, a strategy is formulated to distract the class in order to swap out Angel’s answer sheet and cause her to fail. Having no distinguishing characteristics, Ooyama attempts to draw Angel’s attention by confessing his love for her.


There’s a lot of interesting information to be yielded from these CGs. First, it proves without a doubt that there will be flashbacks to the events of the Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door manga, as indicated by the CGs of Hisako and Iwasawa. Also, it seems the Iwasawa route ends (or CAN end) in marriage. It’s also interesting to note how Otonashi replaces Hinata’s role in that one CG. Perhaps the person performing the Octopus Hold changes depending on your choices throughout the route? It seems they’re trying to keep things intentionally ambiguous, by not revealing who it is Yui will end up marrying. Also, it looks like you’ll have some ability to choose which members participate in certain operations, indicated by the distraction operation mentioned above.

Also included in the article are a large number of character sprites and background CGs. I might add that the backgrounds are looking especially pretty in this game, moreso than any Key game to date! You can view all the new graphics in full definition in the article linked below. Let us know what you think in the discussion!

Credit to forum member @JimRaynor_2001 for the news tip!

EDIT: As an additional source, Dengeki have also released more variations of the different CGs, as well as including descriptions of all the background CGs and bios for all the characters. It’s a bit too much for me to translate with the time I have, so have a translator on hand if you want to do some more reading!

Credit to forum member @Zak89 for this additional news tip!


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