Ao Butterfly

Dengeki G’s May issue which released on March 30 has provided us with a few more short story extracts of Summer Pockets, but more importantly the heroines’ casual outfits! (I love my pirate waifu, but Ao is miles ahead of the pack on this one.) We...
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Pocket Prologue Party

(From left to right: Kai, Shinji Orito, Minoru Shiraishi, Konomi Kohara, Emiri Iwai, Natsumi Takamori, Konomi Suzuki, YURiKA, Runa Mizutani) On March 23rd, VisualArt’s held a promotional event for Summer Pockets featuring the above cast and production members. The event was also streamed on Nico Live, so...
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Key Staff Blog

Key staff have started posting on their blog once again! So far there have been posts by Shinji Orito, Na-Ga, and yucchi on their work in Summer Pockets, with the first one covering the recording session with Konomi Suzuki for the opening song ‘Alka Tale’, which...
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