CLANNAD Kickstarter: All Stretch Goals Met! Mission Complete!


It’s time you all gave yourselves a huge pat on the back. We did it! Not only have we successfully funded the localisation of CLANNAD into English, but we even managed to reach all three of the Kickstarter’s stretch goals! I knew we could pull it off in time! The strength of CLANNAD supporters all around the world is stronger than anyone predicted. I couldn’t be prouder to be a Key fan at such a momentous time in Key’s history!

With the final stretch goal, the CLANNAD Anthology Manga has been unlocked! It features art by Juri Misaki, ZEN, and Yukiko Sumiyoshi! By adding $12 for digital or $15 for a physical copy (+$5 for international shipping), you will be rewarded with a copy of the manga, released in English for this Kickstarter before anywhere else! Yes, that even means before Japan! This is the very first time Key has put their western fans first for anything. It’s groundbreaking, especially considering Japanese visual novel media in general which always puts the Japanese market first. You can think of this as Key’s way of saying thank you for pledging our money toward the project, and acknowledging our dedication to their work. Featured above is a sketch by Yukiko Sumiyoshi congratulating everyone for reaching all three stretch goals. Take a bow guys, you earned it!

You can view the update by Sekai Project on the Kickstarter’s page here..



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