Finally, the time has come! Kazamatsuri is once more hosting a Bookclub, this time to celebrate the official localisation of one of Key’s most beloved works: Little Busters! Our goal is to unite the community to read through the visual novel together once it launches on Steam on the 1st of November! If you’ve been waiting for a chance to chat about this series and dig deep with analysis, or if you’re new and want a community to engage and share impressions with, then read on!

Forum topics will be provided for readers to discuss each route as they read through, with prizes up for grabs each week for the best discussion. At the end of each week, a select few of the Kazamatsuri community will assemble to record a podcast discussing that week’s route, using the forum discussion and Key Points posted in each topic to guide the conversation. If you’d like to be a part of these podcasts, we are currently accepting applications, so let us know you want in! We are also hoping for our more creative members to produce fanart and fan music to celebrate the series, with prize packs up for grabs for our most talented! At the conclusion of the Bookclub, we will publish an Anthology video including readers’ final thoughts on Little Busters in the form of recorded voice clips, together with a showcase of all of the fanworks produced by the community.

As for route order, the Podcast aims to follow this schedule (yes we’re aware it’s not the typical route order!):

Weeks 1-3: Common & Rin1 (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 4: Mio (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 5: Komari (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 6: Kurugaya (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 7: Haruka (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 8: Kud (Discussion / Podcast)

Weeks 9-10: Rin2 & Refrain (Rin Discussion / Refrain Discussion / Podcast)

Week 11: Saya (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 12: Sasami (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 13: Kanata (Discussion / Podcast)

Week 14: Final thoughts and Anthology preparation (General Discussion / Podcast)

Spoiler General Discussion

We have also included the walkthrough for our route order here.

If all goes according to plan, that means the Bookclub will run from the 1st of November to the 4th of February. Everyone is encouraged to read ahead in their own time to keep up to pace, only using the Podcast schedule as an indication of the absolute minimum you’ll need to have read up to in order to participate in the ongoing discussion. If you finish reading Little Busters in a week, then that’s great! If you end up falling behind or simply aren’t interested in reading every route, that’s fine too; you can choose to participate only for routes you’re interested in reading. Of course, if you plan on reading Refrain or the EX routes, you’ll need to keep the unlock requirements in mind, and skip through any content you haven’t read if necessary.

We also have heaps of prizes to give away for this Bookclub!
Route MVP*10 - Either a figure of the character or something else nice!
Best Artist - A prize pack containing Little Busters artbooks, including the Perfect Visual Fanbooks!
Best Musician - A prize pack containing a selection of Little Busters music albums!
Highest Batting Practice Combo - A small mystery prize pack!
Little Busters Bookclub MVP - A COSPA Little Busters Jumper!
And on top of that, we’re also going to be hosting an auction on the forum for Buster-rank users only: the chance to win a Little Busters Analogue Collector’s Edition vinyl!
(Another idea I had is a speedrunning competition for a certain EX ending.)

But that’s not all. You may have noticed the Little Busters Hype Van project we’ve been hosting on Twitter, where each fortnight we host a different giveaway in preparation for the game’s launch to spread the word and get people hyped. And regarding the Bookclub, all fanwork submissions to the Hype Van will be considered for all intents and purposes as part of the Bookclub and will be taken into account when awarding the Best Artist and Best Musician prize packs, so if you plan on producing fanworks for the Bookclub and you’ve already read it before, don’t wait until after release, get started as soon as you can!

This post will serve as our announcement for the Bookclub and as a hub for the initial giveaway, and we’ll keep it up-to-date with relevant info and links to all the podcasts. You can also access this page through the navigation menu on the forum and blog! And if you have any questions or feedback regarding the Little Busters Bookclub, you can bring them up in our questions & feedback topic. If you’re new to our community, be sure to visit our Welcome Page and introduce yourself first!

It’s my hope that the Little Busters Bookclub can rise up to become Kazamatsuri’s biggest event yet, and ultimately become the biggest celebration of the series the English-speaking world has ever seen! VisualArt’s has their eyes on us, we require your strength to show them the passion and dedication of the international Little Busters fandom. Little Busters Saikou!!


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