The Little Busters Bookclub was a mission to unite the community in reading through Little Busters together to celebrate its launch on Steam in English!

Forum topics were provided for readers to discuss each route as they read through, with prizes up for grabs each week for the best discussion. At the end of each week, a select few of the Kazamatsuri community assembled to record a podcast discussing that week’s route, using the forum discussion and Key Points posted in each topic to guide the conversation. We are also used the Bookclub and Hype Van to encourage our more creative members to produce fanart and other fanworks to celebrate the series, with prize packs for our most talented!

You can find an index of all our discussion topics and podcasts below.

Common & Rin1 (Discussion / Podcast)

Mio Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Komari Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Kurugaya Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Haruka Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Kud Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Rin2 & Refrain (Rin Discussion / Refrain Discussion / Podcast)

After-Refrain Podcast / Side Stories Discussion

Saya Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Sasami Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Kanata Route (Discussion / Podcast)

Spoiler General Discussion
Little Busters Fanart

We have also included the walkthrough for our route order here.

The Bookclub ran from November 1, 2017 - when Little Busters released on steam - until February 21, 2018. The Bookclub was then put on hold till November 19 and ultimately completed on February 9, 2019.

Here are the list of our MVPs.

Common Route: MagusVerborum
Mio Route: Naoki_Saten
Komari Route: Zosonte
Kurugaya Route: Odinbeard_McSparkles
Haruka Route: Pepe
Kud Route: Naoki_Saten
Rin & Refrain: Machelmore
Saya Route: HeliosAlpha
Sasami Route: Aspirety
Kanata Route: HeliosAlpha
Batting Practice: Kierva
Best Artist: BlackHayate02
Best Musician: SuikaShoujo
Overall MVP: Naoki_Saten

In addition, we also hosted the Little Busters Hype Van on Twitter as a prelude to the Bookclub, where gave prizes away for fanwork submissions. Check out the submissions in the topic there!

If you have any comments or feedback regarding the Little Busters Bookclub, you can bring them up in our questions & feedback topic. Be sure to let us know how you think we can improve in future!

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