CLANNAD Side Stories Stretch Goal Unlocked!


Outstanding news, everyone! As the title states, the $320,000 stretch goal for Sekai Project’s CLANNAD Kickstarter has been reached! With this, Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de is confirmed to be translated and released for the PC- Fully voiced and in a newly designed package by GotoP. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, backers!

With this goal met, backers must remember (if they’ve not done so already or are in the $1k or $7k tier) to pledge an additional $25 for a digital release or $30 for the physical release add-ons.

With that said- We’re not out of the woods just yet with our stretch goals, but the light has never been brighter. We’re now just $60,000 shy of funding the final stretch goal and an absolutely monumental release- A brand new CLANNAD Anthology Manga illustrated by Misaki Juri and ZEN themselves! In the West, first!

As a $12 or $15 add-on, if all backers (3.7k +) were to add this to their pledge, we would meet this goal no problem. So, spread the word! We’re almost there, everyone! Your passion shows.

Read the official update here:

UPDATE: Sekai Project have just posted another update, providing more details about the CLANNAD Anthology Manga. Adding to the talents of Misaki Juri and ZEN, we now have the contributions of Sumiyoshi Yukito, who is ntoablef or having worked on Tomoyo After ~Dear Shining Memories~ and CLANNAD ~tomoyo dearest~. They’ve promised to release more information of the length and participating artists in the coming days.

This will only be made possible if our contributions reach the $380,000 goal, but Sekai Project is optimistic that we’ll reach it by the time the kickstarter is over! Come on guys, let’s prove their trust in us is well placed!

Read the update for yourself here:


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