New Key Kinetic Novel 'Harmonia' Revealed!


Among all the Charlotte and Angel Beats! news, something big has crept up from the recent Dengeki G’s magazine and the recently released visualstyle magazine at Comiket, seemingly unnoticed by many. Another new Kinetic Novel is being released by Key to commemorate their 15th anniversary, titled Harmonia. It is a story about humans living in a ruined world together with artificial humans with fake memories called ‘Firoids’. The protagonist is a Firoid who goes on a journey and encounters two girls named ‘Shiona’ and ‘Teepee’, and begins to learn true emotions. As pictured above and below, the girl on the right holding the bear is Teepee, who is described as “A girl all alone, crying in the depths of the library.” The girl on the left is Shiona, “A kind girl who smiles indiscriminately at other people. She offers her help to the protagonist.”. The game will feature art by Itaru Hinoue and music by Shinji Orito.


There will also be an exhibit for the game at the upcoming ‘Akiba Base!!’ event being held at Bellesalle Akihabara on the 11th and 12th of April, 2015. Some are speculating that the game will be available for sale at this event, but it’s yet to become clear whether or not that is the case.

Yet ANOTHER project by Key staff has surfaced! It’s really beginning to feel like 2015 is the year to be a Key fan! What do you think about this new announcement? And also, if you have any news concerning Harmonia, please let us know! If any more details surface over the next few days, we’ll update this post to reflect it!

A big thanks to forum members @Takafumi, @Zak89 and @Pepe for the magazine shots, and Twitter user @kotoriburd for providing translations of the images!


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