New Information on Charlotte Anime Revealed!


Spotted by member @Takafumi- an article giving a brief view of the Dengeki G’s segment on Charlotte has arisen!

Within the article we get quite a bit more on what exactly the setting of Charlotte is- Including the names of two main characters. The heroine, Tomori Nao, who’ve we’ve been partly introduced to already, and Otosaka Yu, previously only seen as who was most likely the silhouette alongside Nao in the announcement trailer.

The new information translated in the article describes Nao, Student Council President of a still unnamed school, as a stoic girl who works hard on her studies and struggles keeping other students in line. Our male character, Yu, is described as an honors student, however he’s not all that bright and seems to do well in school by means unknown. The anime will also feature a character who is in a rock band that will give performances during the anime. The band is said to have a female vocalist who is also the voice actor for said character.

Further information given to us from an interview held with Maeda explains that he looks for the series to have better pacing than his previous anime work, Angel Beats!, with more focus on character development. It was also shared that Charlotte’s opening, ending and insert songs are all to be written and composed by him.

Pretty interesting stuff that, while seemingly small, is quite a bit more than we started with! Please feel free to join us in our Charlotte Pre-Release Discussion and Speculation topic on our forum by member @Pepe to talk more about this new series by Key!



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