The CLANNAD Bookclub was Kazamatsuri’s fourth Bookclub, and commenced on the day of CLANNAD’s launch on Steam: the 23rd of November, spanning approximately three months. It saw the community join together to read, discuss, and produce fanworks for CLANNAD to celebrate its first international release. Alongside the forum discussion, a select few of the community came together each week to record a podcast discussing each route one after another until the conclusion of the Bookclub, using community forum discussion to guide the conversation. The podcast was hosted by Aspirety, Bizkitdoh and Pepe, with many guests from the community appearing as well. Forum member kyuketsukimiyu was congratulated as the Bookclub’s Most Valued Poster, and was rewarded with a CLANNAD prize pack. The CLANNAD Bookclub Anthology (seen below) was produced at the conclusion of the Bookclub, showcasing all of the fanworks produced for the series, including a group reflection on the series, a ‘CLANNAD in about 6 minutes’ video sampling clips from the podcasts, and the Kazamatsuri Chorus singing Mag Mell.

For more details, check out our video above, or our announcement blog.

Common Route - Discussion / Podcast

Misae Route - Discussion / Podcast

Tomoyo Route - Discussion / Podcast

Yukine Route - Discussion / Podcast

Kotomi Route - Discussion / Podcast

Kyou Route - Discussion / Podcast

Kappei Route - Discussion / Podcast

Sunohara Route - Discussion / Podcast

Fuko Route - Discussion / Podcast

Koumura Route - Discussion / Podcast

Nagisa Route - Discussion / Podcast

After Story - Discussion / Podcast

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