CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast 4: Yukine Route

It’s time to kick back with some tea in the reference room and chat about Yukine’s route! This episode of the CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast is hosted by Aspirety, Bizkitdoh, and Pepe, and joined by our wonderful guest Gnashes!

With this, the Bookclub is now one third complete! To all who have read the 40 hours of content up to this point, thank you for sticking with us! We are now discussing the Kotomi route, which is one of the longest routes in the game, so make sure you stay on top of your reading! And don’t forget to keep sharing your fanart with us for the anthology!

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Shiryoushitsu no Ochakai (Tea in the Reference Room) - CLANNAD remix album -memento-
Higashikaze (Spring Breeze) - CLANNAD Violin by TAMUSIC
Baka Futari (A Pair of Idiots) - CLANNAD Violin by TAMUSIC
Lilac Flower Ornament on the Breast - MABINOGI -CLANNAD arrange album-
Illusions - CLANNAD Original Soundtrack
Two Shadows - CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album “Piano no Mori”


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