The time has come! Kazamatsuri is back from the dead, and from its brief journey to the netherworld it has brought the planetarian bookclub back with it!

The planetarian bookclub was Kazamatsuri’s first ever Bookclub and podcast, and suffice to say, it hasn’t aged as well as some of the others. So with the recent Switch release of planetarian generating new interest in the story, we’re bringing the Bookclub back for one more round! Introducing the planetarian bookclub reboot!

The planetarian bookclub reboot is an event we’ll be hosting here on the Kazamatsuri forum to serve as a call to action to all fans of planetarian, and people interested in reading it, to join us on the in sharing thoughts and feelings on these stories and celebrating them with fanworks. But unlike our old planetarian bookclub, we won’t only only be discussing the base story. This time, we will also be focusing on the four accompanying short stories that expand upon the narrative: A Snow Globe, Jerusalem, Hoshi no Hito, & Tricis and Aminte! We’ll also be awarding a prize pack to the person we deem to have made the most positive contributions to the Bookclub through discussion and fanworks. Capping off each segment of the Bookclub, we’ll be recording podcasts discussing the stories, which you can be a part of by applying here! The current schedule for the podcasts is as follows (subject to change):

16th March: planetarian & A Snow Globe

23rd March: Jerusalem & Hoshi no Hito

30th March: Tircis and Aminte

And what’s more… The planetarian bookclub reboot begins today! While the content isn’t very long, we welcome everyone to find their own pace to read and discuss the texts. The goal is for a continuous stream of back and forth discussion over the course of the Bookclub, so please do your best to interact with the perspectives of others and help each other reach new depths of productive analysis and reflection! The mission is to learn more about the story and learn more about each other, while having lots of fun doing it.

As for which media to consume, the choice is largely yours, but our personal recommendation is to read the visual novel and then the associated side stories, whether through drama CDs or text. The ONAs and Movie are also a welcome choice and we will be happy to include discussion of them and what they add to the experience, but the primary focus will be on the original media, and we’re planning on ending the Bookclub with a group viewing of the movie on Discord anyway, so if you haven’t watched them you may want to save yourself for that.

If you’re having trouble finding the texts for yourself, jump on Discord and our friendly community will be sure to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, for any other general questions or comments about the Bookclub, leave a post in the discussion below and we’ll do our best to answer!

Let’s work together to make this journey a memorable one for all of us. The beauty of the stars awaits.

Thanks to Bernkastelle and Kyuketsukimiyu for the new theme!


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