The AIR Bookclub was’s second Bookclub. It ran from the 9th of February to the 24th of May 2015, and saw the community join together to read, discuss, and produce fanworks for AIR as a celebration of its story. At the conclusion of each route, a podcast was recorded, discussing the route in depth while incorporating community contribution through “Key Points”, short topics or questions posed by forum members to be discussed on the podcast. The podcast was hosted by @Aspirety, @Bizkitdoh, @LinkThinks, @Bowiie and @Iotheria, with a special guest or two appearing in each route podcast as well. @Bowiie was commended as the overall AIR Bookclub most valued potato
poster for his outstanding contributions both in the forum discussions, and on the podcast.

Common Route

9th February - 22nd February
Route MVP: @Chesca
Common Route Podcast (Guest Starring @Pepe)
Common Route Discussion

Yukito Character Discussion (Spoilers)

Minagi Route

23rd February - 8th March
Route MVP: @EisenKoubu
Minagi Route Podcast (Guest Starring @EisenKoubu and the ghost of @Yerian)

Minagi Route & Character Discussion
Michiru Character Discussion

Kano Route

9th March - 22nd March
Route MVP: @Pepe
Kano Route Podcast (Guest Starring Potato as @Yerian)

Kano Route & Character Discussion
Hijiri Character Discussion

Misuzu Route

23rd March - 12th April
Route MVP: @NotKyon
Misuzu Route Podcast (Guest Starring @Yerian)

Misuzu Route & Character Discussion
Haruko Character Discussion (Spoilers)

Summer Route

13th April - 26th April
Route MVP: @Bowiie
Summer Route Podcast (Guest Starring @Pepe)
Summer Route Discussion
Kanna Character Discussion

Ryuuya Character Discussion

Uraha Character Discussion

AIR Route

27th April - 17th May
AIR Bookclub MVP: @Bowiie
AIR Route Podcast (Guest Starring @EisenKoubu)

AIR Route Discussion

Misuzu Route & Character Discussion
Haruko Character Discussion

Sora Character Discussion

Keisuke Character Discussion

AIR Commemoration Week & Anthology

A special commemoration week was held from the 18th of May to the 24th of May, which served as a final push for forum members to contribute discussion and fanworks before the end of the Bookclub, concluding the Bookclub with the AIR Bookclub Anthology shortly after.

AIR Bookclub Anthology

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