CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast 1: Common Route

Welcome, pretty dog, to our very first instalment of the CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast! In this episode, we’ll be discussing the Common Route, including the Baseball Ending, Sunohara Ending, and everything in between. Hosting this episode today are the regular cast of Aspirety, Bizkitdoh, and Pepe.

Thank you to all who contributed forum discussion and Key Points for the Common Route! Next week’s Podcast is Misae, so make sure you’re on top of your reading, and don’t be afraid to read ahead! Also, don’t forget that we’re also accepting submissions of fanworks for the CLANNAD Bookclub Anthology. If you have any fanworks you’d like to share, please post them in the CLANNAD Fanart Topic!

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All music used in this Podcast was from the CLANNAD Soundtrack, and are the property of their respective rights holders.

0:00 - Ushio
1:11 - Mag Mell (off vocal ver.)
8:03 - Dumb
9:01 - Fantasy
15:50 - Nagisa
21:00 - A pair of Idiots
26:36 - Country Lane
33:44 - Town, Flow of Time, People
41:50 - Spring Breeze -piano-
46:37 - Spring Breeze
49:55 - -Two Shadows- (off vocal ver. / short ver.)


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