CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast 9: Fuko Route

Here, have this podcast, and please join our Bookclub! The Fuko route was the first presented in the anime series, so it holds a very prominent place in people’s minds when they think of CLANNAD. Going back to the source material, how does Fuko’s route stack up against all the other routes of CLANNAD, and Key in general? Your hosts for this podcast are Bizkitdoh, Pepe, and our guest cjlim2007! I (Aspirety) couldn’t make it to this episode due to some technical difficulties, but you’ll see me again next week!

Huge thanks once again to all the forum members for their discussion of this route! No art this week, but there’s still a few more weeks left! This week we’re discussing the Koumura route! Time for some more VN-exclusive content!

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All Hurry, Starfish arrangements used in this podcast are the property of their respective rights holders.

“Hurry, Starfish” from the KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection by Japesland

“Hurry, Starfish -PaPiPuPe Mix-” from CLANNAD remix album -memento-
“Hurry, Starfish” from Kizuna by Eru

“Song of the Cherry Blossoms” from CLANNAD remix album -memento-

“Sunflower-colored Dress Fluttering in the Wind” from MABINOGI -CLANNAD arrange album-


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