CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast 6: Kyou Route

Short Hair vs Long Hair, the final showdown! Joining us for the ~~Ryou~~ Kyou episode of the CLANNAD Bookclub Podcast are Aspirety, Pepe, Iotheria and therationalpi! A lot of interesting discussion came out of this route. What is good writing and bad writing? What is the difference between between putting yourself in a character’s shoes and viewing them as someone else? Is it okay for the game to force you to make uncomfortable choices to reach a good ending? And is Ryou actually a good character or not? Listen to hear our thoughts!

Huge thanks to all the forum members for their awesome discussion of this route, and to our artists for their fanart this week! Keep these great contributions coming! Next up is Kappei Route! VN-exclusive content hype!

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“fortune card” from circle of fifth
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“Like the Wind” from CLANNAD Original Soundtrack

“Inside a Cradle Overflowing with Light” from MABINOGI -CLANNAD arrange album-
“Shironari” (Roaring Tides) from The Sound Story of Impresssion II [Clannad]
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