We at Kazamatsuri are very proud to present the very first English translation of Planetarian Drama 2 “Jerusalem”! Jerusalem is a stand-alone story which takes place in the world of planetarian, set some decades before the main game when the war is at its apex. It follows a platoon of soldiers tasked with eliminating a rogue sniper spotted in Patagonia, who is seen to bear the appearance of a nun.

Our translation is presented in the format of 7 silent videos with subtitles. Those who wish to use our translations are encouraged to purchase Jerusalem from itunes, and listen to it alongside the subtitles we’ve provided. This project was lead by forum member HeliosAlpha, who provided the translations, subtitles and video, with the help of Hirato, Yerian and Aspirety for QA and general advice.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this Drama CD, head on over to our Jerusalem Discussion Topic and join the conversation! Or, if you’re unfamiliar with planetarian and would like to learn more about the franchise, check out our Series Information Page.


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