Kazamatsuri.org AIR Bookclub Podcast Part 5: Summer Route


Welcome back to another episode of the AIR Bookclub Podcast! This episode commemorates the completion of the Summer route, the pentiultimate route of AIR. We’re very happy with how this episode turned out, definitely one of the best of the Bookclub, so we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did recording it! Thank you to Pepe for joining us as the guest for this episode. The final portion of the AIR Bookclub begins now with the AIR route, and we’ll be having EisenKoubu joining us once more as the guest for that podcast. Please don’t forget to read through the route, share your thoughts in the discussion topic and share any fanart you’ve created for the route! Just keep in mind, if you’re saving any big final fanart contributions, you might wanna keep them for the week after the final podcast!

As always, the episode has been added to the xml feed, and you can also download the mp3 here. Otherwise, you can view the podcast on Youtube below.

If you’re just joining us and would like to listen from the start, you can find the first episode here, and if you’d like to learn more about the AIR Bookclub, please view our original post.

Music Used:

0:00 - Tori no Uta -poetry of a bird- - AirAria by ReSound Wave
11:49 - Enishi (Fate) - AIR Original Soundtrack
36:53 - Tsukiwarawa (Moon Child) - AIR Original Soundtrack
45:36 - Unused Music 3 - AIR Original Soundtrack
54:15 - Semigoromo (Thin Clothes) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:04:28 - Tsukiwarabe -moon child- - AirAria by ReSound Wave
1:11:56 - Semigoromono -thin clothes- - “HOPE” -AIR Arrange Album- by K.M.E.
1:32:25 - Enishi -the way so far- - AirAria by ReSound Wave
1:38:57 - esoragoto -stratus- - AirAria by ReSound Wave
1:45:49 - Kannagi (Dissidents) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:50:39 - Tsukiwarawa (Moond Child) - FARAWAY by Studio Nocturne
1:58:20 - kotowari -the law- - AirAria by ReSound Wave


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