Kazamatsuri.org AIR Bookclub Podcast Part 3: Kano Route


Concluding another segment of the AIR Bookclub, I present to you the Kano Route podcast! There were a lot of hiccups with the production of this one, including cast members being sick or absent, Yerian’s computer dying after recording, and just generally not having a lot to talk about, but I think we made the most of it! We managed to keep this episode down to an hour, so it’ll probably be the shortest episode of the entire AIR Bookclub Podcast. Nonetheless, we think you’ll be happy with the product! We had a lot of fun producing it.

The episode has been added to the xml feed, and you can also download the mp3 here. Otherwise, you can view the podcast on Youtube below.

If you’re just joining us and would like to listen from the start, you can find the first episode here, and if you’d like to learn more about the AIR Bookclub, please view our original post.

Music used:
0:29 - Point Zero - Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack
1:24 - Mizutamari -puddle- - S-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.1 “key-side” by Azinoinosolo
5:47 - Esoragoto (Fabrication) - AIR Original Soundtrack
10:22 - Hane (Wing) - AIR Original Soundtrack
14:45 - Unused Music 5 - AIR Original Soundtrack
19:39 - Unused Music 2 - AIR Original Soundtrack
24:15 - Yasou (Nocturne) - Ornithopter ~ AIR Compilation Album
29:00 - Kaisouroku (Reminiscences) - S-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.1 “key-side” by Azinoinosolo
32:16 - Denshou (Legend) - scenic -key classical collect- by TAMUSIC
40:36 - Futari -two of us- - AIR Arrange Album - “HOPE” by S.K.A.M.
48:07 - Tori no Uta (Bird’s Poem) - TAM & Pico key Arrange CD
53:18 - Farewell Song - HoKey PoKey -Key Cover Song Collection- by mahilo


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