Kazamatsuri.org AIR Bookclub Podcast Part 4: Misuzu Route


Concluding the Dream arc of AIR, we present you with the Misuzu Route podcast. First up, I’d like to apologise for all the delays preventing this one from getting out as quickly as planned. There were more than a few obstacles preventing this from being successfully completed, but we think you’ll be very happy with the final product. I’m practicing a few different tricks to make the editing process more efficient, so hopefully I will be able to get future episodes edited more quickly after they’ve been recorded. And also, LinkThinks apologises for the poor quality of his recording in this episode; he ran into some unexpected technical issues during the podcast. Yerian joins us today as the guest for this podcast, and next episode we’ll be joined by Pepe to talk about Summer! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the Summer arc in time for the next episode!

As always, the episode has been added to the xml feed, and you can also download the mp3 here. Otherwise, you can view the podcast on Youtube below. I put in a bit more flavour to the visuals for this episode than usual, so I hope you appreciate them!

If you’re just joining us and would like to listen from the start, you can find the first episode here, and if you’d like to learn more about the AIR Bookclub, please view our original post.

Music used:
0:00 - Bird’s Poem -Remix- - OTSU:Blasterhead
11:05 - Natsukage -summer lights - HOPE -AIR Arrange Album- by K.M.E.
16:55 - Sousei -altair and vega- - S-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.1 “key-side”
25:36 - Yasou (Nocturne) -Kaede Remix- - OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol.1
38:25 - Esoragoto (Fabrication) - AIR Violin by TAMUSIC
50:11 - Futari (Two of Us) - KeySoundsLabel ArrangeCD vol.1 by Yukizakurasou
58:29 - 4 to 6 - Shizuyakana Ichinichi by Hikarisyuyo
1:09:26 - Natsukage -summer lights- (shadow of shade mix) - Shinkokyuu breathe in the air by Chom-Studio
1:18:07 - Koko (This Place) - FARAWAY by Studio Nocturne
1:43:20 - Twin Stars - Ornithopter ~ AIR Compilation Album
1:51:31 - Memory of Wing (Hane) - AIRRADE-AIR- Original Soundtrack
1:59:45 - Kotowari (Reason) - AIR Violin by TAMusic


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