Kazamatsuri.org AIR Bookclub Podcast Part 1: Common Route


Here to bring the common route portion of the AIR Bookclub to a close, we’re happy to present to you the first of six episodes of the AIR Bookclub Podcast! It ended up being quite a long and difficult road to get this published, but we hope you’ll agree that the effort was worth it! Appologies for being slightly late. Originally we were planning for a 2-hour long episode, but midway through we had to reassess where we were going and took a 24 hour break, and came back with a new format for presenting the content. In the end it ended up totalling a bit over 2.5 hours, but considering that most of that extra time can be explained away by this being the first, introductory episode to the series, I hope you’ll understand why it ended up going overtime. Trust me - we did our best to keep it short and sweet, and we hope you’ll notice how we ended up trimming a lot of the fat mid-way through. With any luck future episodes will be able to be squeezed within the 2 hour time limit without as much trouble. We’ve already started reading Minagi’s route for the bookclub, so you can look forward to the second podcast episode in two weeks time! Don’t forget to submit your Key Points for us to include in the podcast!

If you’re not familiar with how this goes, in the podcast we spend the 2.5 hours by introducing ourselves and AIR, sharing our thoughts and reflections on the route we’ve just read, while incorporating forum discussion as well. At the very end we cover all of the fanart contributions, and announce the MVP of the route will be awarded a prize of their choosing. If you would like to find out who the winner was, please tune in!

The episode has been added to the xml feed, and you can also download the mp3 here. You can also view the Youtube version below:

For more information about the AIR Bookclub, please view our original post.

Music used:
0:00 - Kaisouroku (Reminiscences) - AIR Original Soundtrack
8:08 - Hokorobi -under mine- - ARIA -Air arranged sound album- by WAVE
24:37 - Tori no Uta (off vocal version) (Bird’s Poem) - AIR Original Soundtrack
31:16 - Nomichi (Field Path) - AIR Original Soundtrack
35:17 - Natsukage (Summer Lights) - AIR Original Soundtrack
54:11 - Yume Gatari (Speaking of Dreams) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:02:38 - Nomichi -Field Path- - Accoustic Guitar De “Air” by Namaoto Shugi
1:25:38 - Hanemizu (Splash) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:29:55 - Mizutamari (Puddle) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:44:45 - Niji (Rainbows) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:53:02 - Tentoumushi (Ladybug) - AIR Original Soundtrack
1:55:41 - Yasou (Nocturne) - AIR Original Soundtrack
2:00:42 - Futari (Two of Us) - AIR Original Soundtrack
2:13:37 - Yasou (Nocturne) - FARAWAY by Studio Nocturne
2:18:54 - Denshou (Legend) - AIR Original Soundtrack
2:37:11 - Natsukage (Summer Lights) - Air Violin by TAMUSIC

Takafumi’s all-ages AIR patch can be found here.


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