Kazamatsuri.org AIR Bookclub Podcast Part 6: AIR Route


May your wings hold your own happiness.

I am proud to present the final AIR Bookclub Podcast: AIR Route. It’s been a long journey up to this point, but I hope you enjoy hearing our thoughts on the final route of the game. Joining me are the regular cast sans LinkThinks who happened to be very sick and couldn’t make it to the recording, and plus EisenKoubu who joined us as the final route specialist. This podcast has plenty of exciting twists and turns, as well as the announcement of the overall AIR Bookclub Most Valued potato
Poster. We also threw in not one, but TWO special announcements at the end of things to look forward to once the AIR Bookclub is over, so be sure to give them a look!

Toward the end of the podcast, we also provided a nice prompt for you to mull over while you prepare your contributions for the AIR Commemoration Week ~The End of Infinity~. “What does AIR mean to you?” Please contemplate your answer to this question, and share your response in the AIR General Discussion topic, either in the form of a recorded message or a text post, and we’ll consider it for inclusion in the upcoming AIR Bookclub Anthology to be produced at the end of the Commemoration Week.

And one last thing! I’ve created the AIR Bookclub page for the front end of the website to serve as an introduction to and archive of everything we’ve done for the AIR Bookclub, and help direct people to the podcast episodes and all the relevant forum topics. It may be of use to you for the AIR Commemoration Week; please consider going through all of the old topics and sharing your thoughts now having completed the game. I know I will be!

The episode has been added to the xml feed, and you can also download the mp3 here. Otherwise, you can view the podcast on Youtube below.

Music Used:

0:00 - Tori no Uta (Bird’s Poem) - circle of fifth
19:18 - Futari (Two of Us) - FARAWAY by Studio Nocturne
23:27 - Aozora (Blue Skies) - AIR Original Soundtrack
33:28 - Yukito no Tema (Yukito’s Theme) [part 1] - AIR the motion picture Soundtrack
39:12 - Kotowari ~the law~ - PERFECT SELECTION -AIR- Aozora no Suzu by Chelsea Gumi
51:16 - Natsukage (Summer Lights) by Lia
1:01:17 - Yasou -Nocturne- - PERFECT SELECTION -AIR- Aozora no Suzu by Chelsea Gumi
1:04:52 - Natsukage -summer lights- - AirAria by ReSound Wave
1:20:09 - Last Reminiscene - ARIA -Air arranged sound album-
1:23:28 - Koko (This Place) -STCn Remix- - OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol.1
1:37:43 - Tsubasa-nin Densetsu (Tori no Uta) - AIR the motion picture Soundtrack
1:42:07 - Aozora (Blue Skies) Anthelion2006 -ZTS Remix- - OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol.1
1:52:43 - Tori no Uta (Bird’s Poem) - Kanon AIR Piano Arrange Album “Re-feel”
2:10:04 - Farewell Song - AIR Original Soundtrack

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