The Monthly Terra Podcast Finale


It’s been a long time coming, but after lots of discussion, we’ve decided to bring The Monthly Terra Podcast to a close. We found the videos weren’t serving the right purpose for us, and we believe our efforts would be better served transforming The Monthly Terra into a some different forms.

Firstly, we’re working on a newsletter to keep our members up to date on everything happening at Kazamatsuri at a glance at the end of each month, and we’ll also be hosting shorter, more spontaneous Podcasts to talk about more specific topics, whether it be getting together to discuss some big news that just broke, or simply joining together to discuss a topic of interest, like for example a debate on which Key game is the best, or a discussion of how death is treated in Key games. So, while The Monthly Terra Podcast is coming to a close, don’t worry because we have much better things are planned for the future!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this final sendoff. As the finale, this episode will cover the months of August, September and October of 2015. Your hosts for this final episode are Aspirety, Bizkitdoh and Pepe. Thanks for your continued support everyone, and we hope you’ll join us for much more content in the future!

As always, you can subscribe to our xml feed here, or download an mp3 of the podcast here.

Don’t mind the intermission.

August & September Monthly Terra

1:34 - Rewrite Anime Announced
4:17 - Pepe’s Special Events Coverage: VisualArt’s Summer Sale 2015, Charlotte Exhibit, Key Points 8 + Key Tactics Expo
7:21 - Heaven’s Door Vol. 9 Released

10:22 - Takamatsu Route Rumour
11:42 - Rewrite Harvest festa! TL Progress: Rewrite Quest in progress!
14:48 - Kazamatsuri Discord Chat Launched
18:35 - Great website cleanup. Topic polls added!

October Monthly Terra

22:26 - What happens to The Monthly Terra now?
24:18 - Charlotte corner. Too many articles to list, just check the Charlotte tag~
30:17 - CLANNAD Bookclub Announced
33:30 - Hibiki’s Magic Acquired by Viz Media
36:25 - Key Oekaki Returns!
38:41 - Harmonia Greenlit. Check the tag for articles.
43:08 - Little Busters! and Tomoyo After English releases announced!
50:45 - Future Bookclub Plans & Announcements!
56:55 - Final Signoff
59:43 - The Monthly Terra in Summary (Video Only)

Music Used:
0:00 - Unused Track 2 - Little Busters! Original Soundtrack
0:15 - Fallin’ - ECHO by ZHIEND
1:34 - Philosophyz GT Ver. - Rewrite Original Soundtrack
7:21 - Kanade - Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack
11:42 - Redemptor - “Feast” Rewrite Harvest festa! Original Soundtrack
15:22 - Tatta Hitotsu no Mahou no Kotoba - Alice by Lost Garden
22:20 - play ball - Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack
24:18 - Meeting - Charlotte Original Soundtrack
26:30 - Warudakumi - Charlotte Original Soundtrack
28:16 - Loop - Charlotte Original Soundtrack
30:17 - Baka Futari - CLANNAD Original Soundtrack
33:17 - nostalgia by Lia
38:41 - Towa no Hoshi e - Harmonia ED
43:08 - Little Busters! -Little Jumper Ver.- (MJ cover off vocal) - Little Busters Arrange Album “Rockstar Busters!”
49:00 - Light Colors (Instrumental) - Tomoyo After
53:09 - Owari no Sekai Kara - Owari no Hoshi no Love Song
56:50 - Brave Song - Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack


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