Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Volume 9 Released


Reporting in a bit late, but last month (August 27th, 2015), another new issue of Heaven’s Door and the next canonical part of the Angel Beats! story was released. Despite the release of the first part of the Angel Beats! Visual Novel, the series still has a gap of content between it and the Manga that Heaven’s Door continues to fill in.

While the manga is in Japanese still and it can only be read that way, this is still relevant to the English fans because another recent development for the series has been the official localization of Heaven’s Door’s first part in February of 2016 by Seven Seas Entertainment.

While people have been waiting a long time for the localization of this series, it’s exciting to know that it’s also still being written and when the localization gets moving there’s more and more to look forward to!

You can purchase the Japanese Manga from either or CDJapan.



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