Introducing the Kazamatsuri Discord Chat!


Here’s some news from the community. Some of our regular members may have noticed the Skype chat has been empty for a while now (as well as IRC, but that’s always been empty). That’s because we’ve officially moved the Kazamatsuri chat to Discord! Discord is a new application for text and voice communication that’s perfect for communities. The app is built for the gaming community, but even we as a non-gaming-focused community have seen the significant merits of using it over Skype. These include much greater accessibility by being able to access the app through browser or mobile easily, lower CPU usage, greater security for members, more integrated and accessible voice chat, awesome embedding of images and URLs, the ability to have multiple text and voice channels for different purposes, an active community of developers who listen to our requests, and it looks and feels damn nice too. For everybody who wishes to be involved with the Kazamatsuri community off our forum, we ask that they make the effort to join our Discord chat and get involved in the conversation. It’s been a lot of fun so far!

As with our Skype chat, you are required to earn the ‘Member’ badge on the forum before you can start chatting with us. However, unlike Skype, non-members are welcome to take a peek at our chat whenever they want, to give you that little bit of motivation to use the forum and join us! I guess we’re a bit of a tease like that. Once you have Member status, you just need to verify your identity by posting your Discord username in the forum topic, and then requesting access in our #access_requests channel on the Discord chat itself. Two-step verification may seem pedantic, but we’ve had members faking their identity in the past, so we can’t take any risks. Please understand!

You can access the Discord chat at any time in your browser by hitting the Discord button (the controller) at the top of the page on the blog or forum (forum only for mobile), or by clicking this link right here!

It’s been an awesome ride so far, so we hope to see you all there!


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