Announcing the Harmonia Bookclub! Join the discussion, create art, win prizes!


Kicking off the heels of the Tomoyo After Bookclub, we’re commemorating the launch of Key’s Harmonia with our very own Harmonia Bookclub! Our Bookclubs rally together people from all ends of the internet together on our forum to read-through and discuss a story together. As a community we pride ourselves on our deep analysis on the stories we read, and we’ve found these events can really help enhance our appreciation of these worlds and characters. You can check out our previous Bookclubs in the menu above for an idea of how we run these things.


The Harmonia Bookclub will run from the 23rd of September to the 7th of October.

With this Bookclub, we’re diving into a completely new story none of us have experienced before, so it’s going to be a pretty unique experience! It’s our hope that this event can provide that little bit of incentive to dive in early and read before it ends up collecting dust on your Steam library or wishlist. You can expect not only lots of in-depth forum discussion, but also a call to arms for all our creative types to produce fanworks to celebrate Harmonia. And what’s more, at the conclusion of the Bookclub, a select few of our community will join together to wrap things up with a Podcast drawing from all the discussion over the duration of the Bookclub.

As an added incentive, we’ll be offering a pack of prizes to the person we deem has made the most positive contribution to the Bookclub: The Harmonia Bookclub MVP. The prize pack will include a copy of the Todoketai Melody / Towa no Hoshi e Single, a copy of Tomoyo After on Steam, and the rare Hinoue Itaru Art Works 2009-2016! We’ll be taking both discussion and fanworks into consideration when deciding on an MVP. And who knows, if you submit some really nice fanart, we may even give away some bonus Steam keys!


For an index of all relevant links, check out our Harmonia Bookclub Page. If you have any questions or comments about the Bookclub, leave them below. We look forward to reading through this story together as a community!


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