Angel Beats! Perfect Vocal Collection & Hinoue Itaru Works 2009-2016 Announced


Earlier today, VisualArt’s revealed their list of goods to be sold at the upcoming Character1 event on May 1, 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight, which you can see on their dedicated webpage [NSFW link]. While most of what they plan to sell is your usual fair of goods such as tote bags, button pins, and dakimakura, there are two items of pretty high interest on this list, we feel!

The first notable release they have is a compilation album entitled “Angel Beats! Perfect Vocal Collection”, which takes practically all of the currently released songs from the Angel Beats! series, and puts them all into one nifty 3-CD album. That isn’t all, however, as the album contains some new stuff as well! A brand new song, composed by Jun Maeda, is to be included in this album, entitled “Hungry Song”, while some brand new art has been created by Na-Ga to be used as the cover of the album, as seen above. While the vocalist of “Hungry Song” hasn’t been revealed yet, it does seem to be lumped in on Disc 1, together with all the other songs performed by marina as Iwasawa Masami.

The second notable release is a brand new artbook, entitled “Hinoue Itaru Works 2009-2016”, and is advertised to contain mainly Itaru Hinoue’s works from Rewrite, Harmonia, and other illustrations she has done over the past 7 years. After the release of her first artbook, “White Clover” in 2009, this continues the compilations of her unique art style in book form, and even uses a stunning new cover featuring Kagari from Rewrite. This artbook seems to be a companion to an event that starts in Japan this Saturday, April 16, entitled “Itaru Hinoue Art Exhibition II”, which features a good number of Hinoue’s artworks displayed in an art gallery atmosphere. The artbook will also be sold in the event starting Saturday, and if you are in Japan, be sure to check it out! More information on the event at the official webpage.

While there isn’t any news on plans to sell these items outside of the aforementioned events, we’re sure that a retail sale for both the CD album and the artbook aren’t too far off. Considering Key’s overseas plans this year, we wouldn’t be too surprised if some of these goods end up being available at an event near you!


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