Harmonia Single 'Todoketai Melody' to be sold at Key15th Fes.


Some news from the Key! The official Key15th Fes. page has been updated with details about the goods which will be available for purchase at the event. Feel free to review the contents for yourself, but one item in particular that caught our attention was a CD featuring songs from Key’s upcoming visual novel Harmonia. The single titled Todoketai Melody contains two songs, which we’re assuming will be the OP and ED, with both vocal and off vocal versions. Here is a translated tracklist below.

  1. Todoketai Melody ("Conveyed Melody")
    Lyrics: Kai. Composition: Shinji Orito. Arrangement: Yuichiro Tsukagoshi (NanosizeMir). Vocals: Ayaka Kitazawa.

  2. Towa no Hoshi e ("To the Eternal Star")
    Lyrics: Kai. Composition: Tomohiro Takeshita. Arrangement: Mineshi Wong. Vocals: Haruka Shimotsuki.

  3. Todoketai Melody off vocal Ver.

  4. Eien no Hoshi off vocal Ver.

The single will be available for purchase at both Akiba Base! and at the KSL Live venue for ¥1000. We’ll keep you updated if the CD becomes available for purchase to the general public at a later date. For more info about Key15th Fes and all of Key’s other upcoming events, view Pepe’s post here!

Seeing as Kai is writing the lyrics for both songs, this only suggests that the songs will play some part in setting the story, considering that Kai will also be writing the story for Harmonia.



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