Kazamatsuri.org Podcast: The Monthly Terra November 2014


Art by @9scp.

We’re back again with the Kazamatsuri.org Podcast, with The Monthly Terra of November 2014! I recorded this a few days ago, so there’s a few “we’ll make an article about that later” for things that already have articles, so don’t mind that. Went a little bit longer than the last one, but we all seemed to feel more comfortable taking our time rather than rushing it like we did with the last podcast. Do you think it’s too long, or is the length fine? Let us know what you think.

We’ve also taken some feedback into consideration, and here we’ll be listing all of the topics we mentioned in the podcast, with links! You can click the timestamps to jump to that point in the podcast on youtube, or click the topic title to jump to a relevant article or link.

1:18 - Bizkitdoh Appointed as Kazamatsuri.org’s Secondary Writer

4:22 - Late-Night 60-Minute Key Drawing Contest

6:22 - Rewrite Receiving Playstation 3 Port

7:20 - Angel Beats! Visual Novel News Inbound

10:11 - New Forum Topics: Kanata, Komari, Lucia, Moon.

Note: We actually removed the dialogue box that warns you when you’re about to necropost that was mentioned here. Now you can necropost all you want without the forum software guilt tripping you~!

13:00 - visualstyle CALENDAR 2015 accepting preorders!

14:48 - Key Inkan

17:20 - CLANNAD Kickstarter: Prefundia Live, Kickstarter Launched, Stretch Goals Unveiled, Kickstarter Official Page.

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