Rewrite Receiving Playstation 3 Port


After being ported to both the PSP and the Vita in February and August of this year, Rewrite will be available to PS3 owners come February 11th, 2015~!

The initial PSP release featured more voicework for previously unvoiced characters (Kotarou remained partially voiced), as well as the sprite Inoue was provided with in Rewrite: Harvest Festa!. It’s safe to say that these additions will be present within the Playstation 3 port, as it was announced as being a fully voiced visual novel. It is also stated that this port will contain the most new art, sound and BGM additions than any other Key VN port has seen. Assuming this is not about simply the previous port’s additions, one takes from this that this port will contain more new content- be it sprites, music, sound effects, CGs and so on and so forth. The details of these new additions is still unknown.
We’ll be keeping you up to date as information is released! d(^^ )

Edit: Upon further investigation (Thank you, Kaisos!), it is now understood that the article from Gamestalk states that this port will contain the best visual and audio quality than any other Key port has had- not about it having more new audio/visual content than the other ports.

More tweets (original source of more correct TL) on this info:

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