Hot Pockets Ensemble

After its announcement a year and a half ago, fans are finally able to play Key’s latest big visual novel! This is also a first in Kazamatsuri’s history, and it’s been a doozy getting here. We’ll progressively learn more about the game over the coming days,...
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Key world tour 2018

It’s another year and Key’s participation in overseas events shows no sign of stopping! They’ve just updated their overseas event page with their initial plans for 2018 and it’s looking pretty exciting. First up, we have Creative Paradise in Hong Kong from July 27-29, 2018. Creative Paradise...
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The time has come at last! With only two months until the full release, Key have released a free demo of Summer Pockets out into the sea of the internet! You can download the demo here! Sized at 1.5gb, it appears to include introductions for all the characters,...
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