New Key fan event, Key Island, coming April!

Key Island Poster

With the apparent suspension of Ayuket and Key Points, a new group named Umiket has emerged from the shadows to declare that the Key Points spiritual successor Key Island is coming! As with Key Points, Key Island is an annual gathering of Key fans with a focus on the sale of doujin goods and the exhibition of cosplay. The event will next be held at Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall on the 20th April 2019, with doors opening to the public at 12pm. Key Island will have a new focus on Summer Pockets, but all other Key and Tactics works will also be represented as per usual. You can find information for exhibitors on their website. Maybe someday Kazamatsuri will have something to sell there!

To get a feel for what to expect, we’ve covered some of the previous Key Points events on the blog! Will you be attending this event in Spring? Let us know in the comments below!