Summer Pockets Released on Mobile

Pocket Mobile Start.png

Key have - in record speed - put out their new game on smart devices “for people who want to carry their summer memories in their pocket.” There are some significant differences compared to the PC release however.

Firstly, the text display is very customizable. You can have one line at a time or the whole script printed out for you to scroll through; both of those can also print vertically or horizontally.
Secondly, these versions do not include any minigames (presumably because they’re very resource heavy). Smaller parts of the game like the achievements (as well as the price) have been adjusted to accommodate for the reduced content.

Lastly, these versions are sold in parts. For free you can download and read through the common route and Shiroha’s route. There are then 5 routes available as expansions: Ao, Kamome, Tsumugi, ALKA, and Pocket. You can also purchase the whole package at the same time. Due to this, it’s possible to read the true routes without completing all heroine routes; however, Key doesn’t recommend doing so.

You can purchase the full game for ¥4,000, or you can purchase each route individually for ¥960 each.

You can find it on the iOS store, and Google Play, but keep in mind that it’s for Japanese accounts only.

Let us know if you pick it up, and tell us what you think!

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