C95 Key Goods Announced!

C95 Neo Banner

As the end of the year comes by, one thing is certain for fans of anime and manga: the next Winter Comiket will be starting soon. As has been the tradition for the years past, VisualArt’s will be participating in the upcoming Comiket 95, and they are offering what seems to be the biggest selection of Key goods they have ever offered in any Comiket before. You can see the full set at their promo site (warning: NSFW content), but we at Kazamatsuri have made sure to detail these items and what they mean for all the fans who will be in Japan in time for C95, so continue reading to get all the details on the upcoming goods.

C95 Neo Key Set Ensamble

First up, we have the traditional C95 Key Set and this time, it’s Summer Pockets themed. As with all Key Comiket sets, this year’s set contains a calendar, a CD, and a bunch of other goodies as well.

The Calendar showcases one or two heroines per page, even including some of the subheroines like Nomiki (who, by all means, should be a heroine herself). For the goods we have a Summer Pockets “Otsukarasama” book, which, for lack of better words, is a book where the production staff decided to write whatever the heck they wanted. In the picture we can see some rough illustrations and comments from the artists, for example.

Also included is a miko Shiroha-themed ema (AKA those wooden plaques you see at shrines), a sticker set with stickers featured on Kamome’s luggage, a clear poster of the main visual of the C95 set, and an acrylic keychain of one of the late-game characters, Nanami.

And last up, for the CD, we have a Summer Pockets arrange album, entitled “Summer Session ~Hitonatsu no Bouken~”. While most of Key’s previous arrange albums were either piano-only, or featured acoustic instruments, they’ve gone with a more grand ensemble this time around, with an entire string quartet plus flutes, piano, and guitar. Set list as follows:

  1. Hanahiraku Tabidachi - Aru Katei, Ruriiro no Monogatari (Original track: Alka Tale)

  2. Asagiri no Mukou, Kagayaku Keshiki (Original track: White Loneliness)

  3. Neko ni Michibikarete (Original track: Golden Hours)

  4. Kimorebi no Sasu Komichi wo Susunda Saki ni (Original track: Natsu no Komoriuta)

  5. Hirogaru Umi, Suiheisen to Kamome (Original track: Sea, Your Memory)

  6. Sunahama ni Tsuketa Ashiato ha Nami ga Saratte (Original track: Mabushisa no Naka)

  7. Taisetsuna Mono ha Kokoro ni Nokoru Darou (Original track: Tsumugi no Natsuyasumi)

  8. Sore ha Ashita no Jibun no he no Okurimono (Original track: Lasting Moment)

C95 Karuta.jpg

Up next we have a voiced Karuta set, similar to the one available last year. This set contains various quotes from Summer Pockets, all of which are voiced by the game’s 4 main heroines, included in a CD. If you’re into Japanese card games, or just want to use the voice files for various reactions, this would be right up your alley. Key has tweeted out some examples if you want to give them a listen.

C95 Ouen Book.png

Next is the Summer Pockets Ouen Illustration Collection, which is a collection of various Summer Pockets fanart, unveiled by Key as a pre-release countdown to the game at their official website. This book also contains a bunch of new fanart, so if you loved the already released collection of fanart, this would be a great way to have it in a physical medium.

samapoke clear poster set 1
samapoke clear poster set 2

Also available is an A2 clear poster set, all of which feature artwork from the game’s various pre-order bonuses

C95 Acrylic Plate Stand
C95 Pocket Blanket
C95 Planet Blanket

Speaking of art, let’s not forget the absolutely gorgeous art used as the cover of the Summer Pockets Original Soundtrack. Now you can get a clear plate stand of the art, as well as a blanket of either that, or of Yumemi from planetarian.

C95 Kamome Deskmat
C95 Yui Deskmat

They’re also selling a deskmat of Kamome from Summer Pockets, and Yui from Angel Beats. These deskmats are designed at just the right size to fit both your keyboard and mouse, for optimum desk coverage!

C95 Sheet Bag.jpg

A pleasant surprise to see them selling last year’s picnic-style bag, but this time featuring Shiroha and Umi on the covers. Last year, this bag was only available to customers who spent over 10,000 yen at the VisualArt’s booth, and it’s great that they decided to sell it as a solo item this year. It’s a really sturdy bag, and this year’s design is just adorable.

C95 Character Song.jpg

In what is probably a first for Key, they’ve also announced a Summer Pockets character song album, featuring all four main heroines’ voice actresses performing vocal arranges of their own character tracks, and some bonus songs, too! Tracklist is as follows:

  1. Natsu ni Kimi wo Machinagara: Sung by Shiroha (CV: Konomi Kohara), composed by Ryou Mizutsuki

  2. Hiyoku no Choutachi: Sung by Ao (CV: Natsumi Takamori), composed by Shinji Orito

  3. Departure!: Sung by Kamome (CV: Tomomi Mineuchi), composed by Shinji Orito

  4. golden hours: Sung by Tsumugi (CV: Emiri Iwai), composed by Tomohiro Takeshita)

  5. with: Sung by Kamome (CV: Tomomi Mineuchi), composed by Donmaru

  6. Little Diary: Sung by Ayaka Kitazawa, composed by Ryou Mizutsuki

  7. Summer Tale: Sung by YURiKA, composed by Tomohiro Takeshita

  8. Natsu ni Kimi wo Machinagara (Instrumental)

  9. Hiyoku no Choutachi (Instrumental)

  10. Departure! (Instrumental)

  11. golden hours (Instrumental)

  12. with (Instrumental)

  13. Little Diary (Instrumental)

  14. Summer Tale (Instrumental)

C95 Neo Drama Collection

If you missed out on any of the Summer Pockets pre-order Drama CDs, now’s your chance to get them again, since they’re releasing the Summer Pockets Drama CD Collection. There are 5 discs in total with this collection, with the first 4 discs being from various pre-order bonuses, and the last disc featuring brand new content.

Kitazawa Remix Album

Another one of the CDs available up for grabs is the Ayaka Kitazawa Remix Collection (or, as I like to dub it, Enigmatic Ayaka Kitazawa). Remix albums like these aren’t new to Key, and I’m sure many of the remixers on this album should be familiar to you, but it’s a joy to see them focus on a good number of Ayaka Kitazawa’s songs. Tracklist is as follows.

  1. FirstTwinkle (MUZIK SERVANT&LU-I Remix)

  2. Dual Moon (you Remix)

  3. Kaze Hitotose (LU-I Remix)

  4. Bokura no Tabi (Freezer Remix)

  5. Last Word (MUZIK SERVANT&Mizonokuchi Yuuma Remix)

  6. Gentle Jena (Nizikawa Remix)

  7. Kimi to Nakushimono (LU-I Remix)

  8. Perseids (Freezer Remix)

  9. Greeting Smile -Youkoso Denden Town- [Remixed by DJ Shimamura]

  10. Sunbright (Brightest Sunflowers Remix) [Remixed by Yuichiro Tsukagoshi of NanosizeMir]

  11. Emotional Blue (Ts Remix)

  12. sign (Nasuno Remix)

Dis Love Song Cover
Satsubatsu Mirror

For this year’s comiket, we have a brand new single from Satsubatsu Kids! Coming from the quality of the last album, it’s great to see them continuing to make music. This single is entitled “Dis-Love Song” and the CD contains 3 tracks. One cool bonus from buying it at comiket is you get a pocket mirror with a very Satsubatsu Kids design. Tracklist is as follows.

  1. Dis-Love Song

  2. Life is Like a Melody [Cover of the Tomoyo After Ending]

  3. Toki wo Kizamu Uta [Cover of the Clannad〜After Story〜 anime opening]

You can even check out the tracks on the crossfade uploaded by VisualArt’s Channel!

Dis-Love Song Tee

To go with their new CD is also a new Satsubatsu Kids T-Shirt, with an accompanying Dis-Love song design. Also available are the Satsubatsu Kids T-Shirts previously sold at KSL Live World 2018 earlier this year.

IM story recode

One interesting item this year is Rewrite IgnisMemoria -Story Record-, which is a book containing the scenarios, rough sketches, and design notes of the Rewrite Ignis Memoria mobile game, which, unfortunately, terminated its service at the end of last year. As a bonus for those who continue to support the game by purchasing this collection, they’ve added in one of the scenarios that never made it into the game: A special Kanon Collaboration story!

torishiro set 1
torishiro set 2
torishiro set 4
torishiro set 3

Representing the Torishirojima Tourism Committee from Summer Pockets is a special Torishirojima Tourist Set, which has a Torishirojima T-Shirt, Denim Pouch, Handkerchief, and Button Pins! With the quality of these goods, it’ll be as if you actually went to Torishirojima yourself on a sightseeing trip.

Visualstyle 2019

As is tradition for each year’s comiket, they’ll also be selling the visualstyle Calendar 2019. And this one is a special one because, for the first time, you’ll be getting two calendars in one set! One large A2-size one, perfect for your wall, and another, smaller A5-size one, perfect for your desk. And this year’s selection is great because they’ve included illustrations for literally all of Key’s works. The larger calendar features art from mangaka and designers who have worked on previous Key releases, like ZEN and Yuriko Asami. The smaller one has one illustration for every Key game/anime from Kanon to Summer Pockets! The art is done by mostly fan and freelance artists who have worked with Key previously, like Remotaro and Fuyuichi. It even comes with stickers which let you mark special events on your calendar. Take note, though, this calendar usually has limited stock for comiket. Thankfully, you can pre-order the calendar on Amazon Japan, and they allow international shipping!

C95 Shiroha Hanger
C95 Ao Hanger
C95 Kamome Hanger
C95 Tsumugi Hanger

A unique set of items for this year are clothes hangers featuring Summer Pockets heroines, which you can adorn with your own clothes of choice.

C95 Pocket Keycase
C95 Dango Keycase

The next item up for grabs are leather Key holders featuring Key series (no pun intended). They are available in two designs: Summer Pockets, and Dango Daikazoku. This is reportedly the same design as was included in the Key 10th memorial box almost a decade ago, which director/writer Kai uses to this day.

C95 Sweater Island
C95 Sweater Four Gods

Once again representing the rich island of Torishirojima are some neat sweatshirts, one design featuring a minimap of the island of Torishirojima, and the other showing the Four Gods/Sì Xiàng of Torishirojima.

shiroha happy mug

One other cute addition to your Summer Pockets collection is a Double-wall Mug featuring Shiroha and Umi’s happy face, from the picnic bag mentioned earlier. If the double-layered mug won’t keep your drink nice and warm, their lovely smiles surely will~

yumemi AR

From planetarian, they’re featuring a Yumemi Hoshino AR model, designed specifically for the HoloModels iOS App. This allows you to project an AR image of Yumemi on any scenery in the real world, and, judging from the samples of the app, these look surprisingly versatile! This digital pack contains AR models of Yumemi, her flower bouquet, and even her trusty projector partner, Jena-san!

Samapoke wallet

For those of you more style-conscious, they are also selling an all-leather Summer Pockets wallet. This is a genuine 100% leather wallet, perfect to store your cash for the next comiket.

kamome luggage phone case

A special treat for you Kamome fans out there, they have available a smartphone case designed after Kamome’s own luggage bag. This is available in two sizes, which means it should fit almost all modern smartphones.

Keyluxe card

Continuing with their “KeyLuxe” series, this year, they’re featuring a planetarian-themed item: a solid gold pendant, modeled after Yumemi’s Memory Card as seen on Hoshi no Hito. This pendant has an all 10K white gold body, with 18K yellow gold accents and a pure silver neck chain. In line with the series’ special projection, each item sold has a serial code starting from 2500001, up to 2500020. Only 20 of these will be sold at comiket, for a whopping 120,000 yen each.

C95 OST Reflection
C95 Melon Reflection
C95 Sofmap Reflection
C95 Getchu Reflection
C95 Gamers Reflection
C95 Shiroha Reflection Lite
C95 Ao Reflection Lite
C95 Kamome Reflection Lite
C95 Tsumugi Reflection Lite

The final entry in Key’s extensive line-up for this year’s winter comiket is, as always, a set of Reflection Art featuring art from Summer Pockets, both in-game and pre-order bonuses. There are a total of 9 different designs to choose from, some full-sized costing 44,300 yen, and others coming as smaller “Reflection Art Lite”, costing 29,700 yen. As with all events, both Japan and overseas, expect these to be very limited in quantity!

And there you have it, all of Key’s goods for Comiket 95. While most of these goods are Summer Pockets-themed, we’re sure that there will be at least a few that may pique your interest. If you ever have the chance to head to Tokyo from December 29-31, be sure to check out the VisualArt’s booth at Booth number 7421 to get this year’s fix of Key goods.


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