Angel Beats! -1st beat- OP Released and Subtitled in English


In the span of just a few days, Key have released two PVs and an OP for three of its upcoming projects. And your friends at have kindly provided you with English subtitles for all of them, free of charge!

The latest of these is the Angel Beats -1st beat- opening movie. Previously we had only had a video taken by a fan at Comiket Special 6, but earlier today VisualArt’s released it officially on their Youtube channel. Below you can view our very own English Subtitled version! Thanks a ton to @bambooXZX for translating the lyrics, and to our favorite admin Aspirety for staying up all night working his butt off to put this together!

Also, don’t forget we’ve subbed the Charlotte and Harmonia PVs as well!


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