The very first animated PV of Charlotte is here! (Now with English subs!)


UPDATE: Hope we didn’t keep you waiting too long! The PV is now available to watch in English! Produced by myself (@Aspirety) with dialogue translations based on Anime News Network and further translations made with the help of @Pepe, @Yerian and @IkaCZ. Thanks for the help guys! Unfortunately we weren’t able to upload on Youtube, so you’ll need a Facebook account to view the video below.

The wait is over! We are finally treated to our very first look at the Charlotte anime! Check out the PV for yourself above! We get a good look at our protagonist Yuu Otosaka, heroine Tomori Nao, and also characters Joujirou Takajou, Yusa Nishimori, and Ayumi Otosaka. The PV also features two music tracks which we can only assume are from the anime.

A notable new detail we picked up on is that Yuu seems to be a transfer student. Given the setting, this would suggest that he had only recently acquired his supernatural powers, and was enrolled in the school to coexist with all the other power-users.

For all the Charlotte information you could ever ask for, check out our pre-release discussion topic. And feel free to join the discussion!


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