VisualArt's /Key Merchandise Revealed for Comiket 93!


Once again, VisualArt’s/Key will have a booth at the upcoming Comiket 93 on 29-31st December, what better way is there to end your year other than by getting your hands on some of the limited merchandise! VisualArt’s are still releasing images of some of the art, particularly the Summer Pockets illustrations, so check back here later as we update the article to include them!

They’ve announced a series of new albums with the first one being ‘Humans pleasure’, a Key Acoustic Arrange Album, followed by Satsubatsu Kids’ Hikikomori Songs which we wrote about earlier, Ayaka Kitazawa’s 2nd album ‘Emotional Blue’, and finally Rita x Key’s Memorial Best album, ‘streak of light’.

There will be a panel by the Key staff Shinji Orito and Kai (composer and writer respectively for Summer Pockets) on 30th December from 13:30-14:00, followed by a mini-live with Rita from 15:00-16:00. Another mini-live will be taking place starring Ayaka Kitazawa and Satsubatsu Kids’ Hyon on the 31st December from 12:00-13:00. Numbered tickets for the events will be distibuted at 10:00 on the same day of the event (30th for the panel and Rita, 31st for Kitazawa and Hyon) in front of the booth. In order to qualify for these event tickets, you’ll have to purchase some Comiket merchandise before the day of the event.

HeliosAlpha has kindly translated a list of goods and tracklists of the albums which you can find below:

Key Set C93
Humans pleasure

No.03 C93 Key Set

  • 2018 calendar (Jan 2018-Mar 2019)
    Art: Summer Pockets, Kanade by Na-Ga for upcoming figure by Good Smile, LB! by Hinoue, planetarian by Komatsu E-ji, Kud Wafter by J.C. Staff, Rewrite by 8Bit

  • Key Acoustic Arrange Album ‘Humans pleasure’

Track List
01 Little Busters! (Little Busters!), vocalist: Rita
02 Exotic Toybox (Little Busters!)
03 Todoketai Melody (Harmonia), vocalist: Ayaka Kitazawa
04 Sunbright (Rewrite)
05 Sore wa Kaze no You ni (CLANNAD)
06 Hoshi no Fune (planetarian -Hoshi no Hito-), vocalist: Lia
07 theme of SSS (Angel Beats!)
08 Semigoromo (AIR)
09 Farewell song (AIR), vocalist: Lia
10 Namidairo no Tsubasa (side B from the Little Busters! Refrain anime ED single ‘Kimi to no Nakushita Mono’), vocalist: Ayaka Kitazawa

  • Summer Pockets pamphlet

  • Summer Pockets A3 clear posters (set of 4)

  • Summer Pockets acrylic key holders (set of 4)

Edit Dec 22: Album crossfade below

LB! Set C93

No.04 Little Busters! Memorial Set

  • Little Busters! 10th logo rubber coaster

  • Rin original acrylic keyholder

  • Little Busters! original minibag

  • Little Busters! 10th Memorial paper bag

Karuta C93

No.05 Key Quotes Karuta Set
Includes a CD for the quotes being read by Yumemi (planetarian), Haruka (Little Busters!) and Shizuru (Rewrite), all of whom are voiced by Keiko Suzuki.

No.06 Summer Pockets Main Visual B1 Tapestry

No.07 Summer Pockets Life Size Tapestry

LB! Baseball Bat C93

No.08 Little Busters! 10th Anniversary Bat
A baseball bat made by professionals with Little Busters! logos on it.

LB! 10th Anniversary Artbook

No.09 Little Busters! 10th Anniversary Art Book
Originally sold during October’s Character1 event at Tokyo Big Sight.

Hikikomori Songs

No.10 Hikikomori Songs by Satsubatsu Kids
An album by Satsubatsu Kids (Jun Maeda x Hyon) which we’ve written about here, containing a mixture of new and old Maeda compositions. Besides the music, the album also includes illustrations by Juri Misaki and liner notes from Maeda and Hyon for every song.

Track List
01 Birthday Song=Requiem
02 Honey Syrup
03 Code Blue
04 Kamigoroshi no Uta
05 goodbye
06 OwattaContents
07 Real
08 Haiiro no Hane
09 Hanabi
10 Hikikomori no Uta
11 Kimi no Kioku
12 Autumn Song

Emotional Blue

No.11 Ayaka Kitazawa 2nd Album ‘Emotional Blue’
Ayaka Kitazawa’s latest album which features new songs from the composers Shinji Orito and Donmaru, as well as a cover of Rita’s Alicemagic to celebrate Little Busters! 10th Anniversary.

Track List
01 FirstTwinkle
02 Namidairo no Tsubasa
03 Emotional Blue
04 Bokura no Tabi
05 Todoketai Melody
06 Soko ni, Kimi ga Iru Dake de.
07 Greeting Smile -street☆festa-
08 Kimi to no Nakushita Mono
09 Yuki ni Ashiato
10 Gentle Jena
11 Happy End wo Sagashiteru
12 Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~ covered by Ayaka Kitazawa

Edit Dec 22: Album crossfade below

streak of light

No.12 Rita x Key Memorial Album ‘streak of light’
A memorial album to celebrate Rita’s 15th anniversary, containing songs composed by Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito and Tomohiro Takeshita.

Track List
01 Gargantua
02 Little Busters! -Little Jumper ver.-
03 Lazurite・Dreamer
04 Song for friends Rock Ver.
05 Ame Nochi Hare
06 Brave
07 Haruka Kanata
08 Vertige
09 Battery
10 Alicemagic TV Animation Ver.
11 Search for the future covered by Rita

Edit Dec 22: Album crossfade below


No.13 Re:Change ~Rewrite EDM Arrange Album~
Originally released during the VisualArt’s Summer Sale with tracks from the Rewrite visual novel and anime.

KeyLuxe T-Shirts

No.14 KeyLuxe Premium T-shirt Side:Kud and No.15 KeyLuxe Premium T-shirt Side:Tenshi
KeyLuxe is a new brand with a focus on high grade goods in honour of Key’s 20th anniversary. The t-shirts are fully made in Japan with 100% cotton.

Rewrite IgnisMemoria Graphic Record

No. 19 Rewrite IgnisMemoria Graphic Record
A full-colour book with over 100 pages of card illustrations, SD characters, items, event logos, and many more from the Rewrite mobile game ‘Rewrite IgnisMemoria’!

visualstyle CALENDAR 2018

No. 27 visualstyle Calendar 2018
A2-sized calendar (when opened), also includes a sheet of small stickers.

  • Cover Illustration : GotoP/『Angel Beats!』

  • Jan - Feb : Sakana Toujou/『Rewrite』

  • Mar - Apr : Juri Misaki/『CLANNAD』

  • May - Jun : Yuriko Asami/『Angel Beats!』

  • Jul - Aug : Fumuyun/『Harmonia』

  • Sep - Oct : Miyoshino/『planetarian』

  • Nov - Dec : ZEN/『Little Busters!』

  • Jan - Fen 2019 : maruma/『Charlotte』

  • Stickers : Jun Ikeda

planetarian Reflection Art

No.28 Reflection Art
Only available on Comiket days 2 and 3, with illustrations from planetarian HD, Kud Wafter, Little Busters!, along with Kanade from Angel Beats!

Rin Wall Scroll
Wall Scroll Designs

No.29 Wallscrolls
High quality wallscrolls also only available on days 2 and 3, featuring the following heroines:

  • Rin (Little Busters!)

  • Kud (Kud Wafter)

  • Komari (Little Busters!)

  • Saya (Little Busters!)

  • Misuzu (AIR)

  • Kannabi no Mikoto (AIR)

  • Kagari (Rewrite)

  • Kanade A (Angel Beats!)

  • Kanade B (Angel Beats!)

  • Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

What an amazing list of new and old merchandise from VisualArt’s/Key! This is certainly going to be a Comiket to remember. What are you looking forward to getting the most? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE (8th Dec): Added information on the Key staff panel and mini-lives