From the VA Summer Sale - Re:Change ~Rewrite EDM Arrange Album~ Released!

The VisualArt’s 2017 Summer Sale in Akiba has been going strong since it commenced on the 29th of July, with just under 2 weeks left before it ends. In particular there was a notable release that flew under our radar. First appearing at the Summer Sale on the 11th of August, Re:Change ~Rewrite EDM Arrange Album~ has been released! You can check out a demo of the album above, which includes EDM remixes of many tracks from the original Rewrite visual novel and from the anime. If you’re a fan of EDM, this is one album you won’t wanna miss!

Speaking of the Summer Sale, we recently had our Japan correspondent RyuuTamotsu snap a few photos of the event for us, you can check them out below!


If you’re still planning on checking out the sale in the next two weeks, you can find all the details including a list of new products on the official website for the sale. Have you picked up anything from the sale yourself? Share your loot in the discussion below! And be sure to let us know what you think of the new album!


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