Hikikomori Songs Official Website & Crossfade Released

Just yesterday, VisualArt’s released some big news for Jun Maeda’s newest music project, titled “Hikikomori Songs”. This new album is credited to Satsubatsu Kids, a name which may be familiar to you if you’ve heard of Autumn Song from a while back. This duo group features Jun Maeda as the main composer and lyricist, joined by a mysterious vocalist simply named Hyon. And now, almost a year after their debut single comes a full-length album, containing a dozen songs, most of which are brand new, but with a few covers of some of Jun Maeda’s older works (such as “Birthday Song = Requiem” and “Hanabi"). You can watch the crossfade video, containing a short sample of all their songs on YouTube in the preview above.

Simultaneously, they’ve also released a promotional website with all the information you need for the album. They even have a campaign going where they’ll be giving away 5 signed copies of Hikikomori Songs! Just follow @satsubatsukids on Twitter and retweet the following tweet for a chance to win

Hikikomori Songs will be releasing at Comic Market 93 which runs from December 29-31, 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight, exclusively at the VisualArt’s booth (Booth No.1221), with a total price of 3000 yen. No news yet for any sort of commercial release but we’ll be sure to announce it when that happens! Otherwise, if you can pick this up at Comiket, it’ll be a big steal!

Update Dec 11: The first of 3 lyrics videos has just been released. This is Code Blue


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