VisualArt's/Key Goods Revealed for Character1!


Today we’ll be taking a look at VisualArt’s/Key’s goods lineup for Character1 event taking place in Oct 15th! Character1 will be taking place at the legendary Tokyo Big Sight (known for hosting Comiket), and VA/Key will have two booths there, one especially for the Little Busters! 10th Project. They have a listing of all their goods on their official event website, so be sure to check it out!

Chara1 Reflection Art

The VA/Key booth will be stocking extremely limited ‘reflection’ art as seen in their overseas conventions such as Creative Paradise in Hong Kong, where the planetarian HD design sold out. There are only 15 of these in the world, and this will be the last time VA/Key will be selling these so get your hands on these before they’re gone forever!

Chara1 Scrolls

Next up are the high-quality wallscrolls, featuring beautiful art of Yumemi (planetarian) and Tenshi (Angel Beats!). The Yumemi wallscrolls will be limited, and the Tenshi wallscrolls are personally signed by Na-Ga!

VA/Key are also selling copies of their Rewrite EDM arrange album, Re:Change, which was first released during the VA Summer Sale.

Chara1 Tapestries

Other notable goods include original A3-sized tapestries featuring art from Angel Beats! Operation Wars and Charlotte, as well as adorable Dango Daikazoku acrylic keyholders.

LB! 10th Reflection Art

As for the Little Busters! 10th Anniversary booth, they will also be selling reflection art and wallscrolls, as well as a brand-new 10th Anniversary Art Book! The 10th Anniversary Art Book features art from game packages, calendars, and Blu-rays of the anime. It’s an amazing collection for fans of the series!

Chara1 LB 10th Goods

They also have up for grabs B2-sized tapestries featuring art from the Little Busters! Ecstasy First Run package and Perfect Edition package, with the 10th anniversary logo added on there, as you can see above. Aside from these big and limited goods, they also have a great selection of mobile phone accessories, button pins, and even a tote bag.

VisualArt’s is currently hosting a live broadcast to introduce their Character1 goods, which you can catch on YouTube. Are you excited for the limited edition goods, or attending the event? Let us know in the comments below!