Rewrite+ and Angel Beats! -1st beat- planned for Western Localisation!


VisualArt’s have quietly been dropping some bombs over at Anime Central this weekend! To sum it all up, CEO of VisualArt’s Baba Takahiro has confirmed that the company has plans to localise Rewrite+ and Angel Beats! -1st beat-.

During the Q&A of the VisualArt’s panel at ACEN, a member of the audience asked Baba whether VisualArt’s has any plans to localise Angel Beats! -1st beat-, to which Baba replied with confirmation that yes, they are working on it. Forum member SuikaShoujo was in attendance at the event and confirmed this, and this livetweet from an attendee of the panel also confirms it. Nothing like a formal announcement, but yes, it’s safe to say that it’s coming eventually. UPDATE: Apparently the game is already 50% translated!

On the second day of the event, VisualArt’s held a press conference at Anime Central with members of the media. There, attendee Protonstorm asked a question about Rewrite+, which Baba responded by announcing that VisualArt’s are also planning to localise Rewrite+ into English. Adding on to that, a flyer distributed at the VisualArt’s booth showing their ‘Software Lineup’ lists all of Key’s announced localisations, together with Rewrite+. This seems to tie in with the announcement made at the press conference. Amaterasu’s Ixrec has also confirmed his involvement with the project, explaining the sudden lack of translation updates from the Harvest festa! patch. Sorry guys, you might be waiting a while to play Harvest festa now. Nonetheless, it’s awesome to see Amaterasu’s amazing work on Rewrite finally be re-purposed for the official localisation. They definitely deserve the recognition.


None of this is what we’d really consider a formal announcement, but VisualArt’s have never been one to make big deals of their localisations, they just kinda happen. Just to be cetain, we contacted Baba himself on LINE for comment, and he himself confirmed the news. It may not be a big flashy announcement, but make no mistake; Angel Beats! -1st beat- and Rewrite Harvest festa! are both planned for localisation for the western market in the future!

The only question that remains is, when? Don’t be surprised when they just creep up one day, ready for launch. Thanks to our very own SuikaShoujo, AniTAY’s Protonstorm and of course VisualArt’s CEO Baba Takahiro for providing information and helping us clarify details! For our extended coverage of Anime Central, tune in to our podcast!

UPDATE: AniTAY have published a full recording of the VisualArt’s press conference, filled with juicy details! Check it out below.


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