Charlotte New Key Visual and Episode 1 Preview Unveiled


Just a few minutes ago, Key held their Staff Talk Event in Osaka. Since this was a talk show, naturally, the staff held a lot of discussion, especially about the production of the upcoming Angel Beats! -1st beat- VN and Charlotte Anime. Along with all the talking, however, Key has released two brand new key visuals for Charlotte, one of which seems to have a much darker tone compared to the previous ones.

While the one on the left seems pretty normal, the one one the right raises a lot of questions! Who are these people, and where are they? What sort of conflict are they experiencing? It seems the only way we shall find out is by watching Charlotte, scheduled to be broadcast on July 4, 2015!

Together with this new key visual, Key has also unveiled a preview of Charlotte’s 1st episode, and it introduces quite a few scenes, along with Yuu Otosaka narrating! Have a look-see below!

Only two more weeks until the broadcast of Charlotte, and they are pulling out all the stops with their marketing. I hope you’re all as excited as we are for the broadcast, and we all hope you will follow our coverage of Charlotte starting with our Anime Bookclub, right here on!


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