Introducing the Charlotte Anime Bookclub. Accepting Podcast Applications!


As mentioned in the recent Monthly Terra, we are proud to formally announce the Charlotte Anime Bookclub! This will be a bit different from the previous Bookclubs we’ve done, but the similarities should be apparent. Once the Charlotte Anime begins airing in July, we’ll have a discussion topic on the forum for each episode. Forum members will be encouraged to participate in discussion and speculation while the series airs, as well as contributing Fanart for inclusion in the Anthology at the end of the Bookclub. Anybody can join in, just get an account on the forum and start posting! Each week a group of four forum members will come together each week to discuss the most recent, digging deep with our analysis and speculation. The Podcasts for this Bookclub will be a lot shorter, totalling a maximum of 30 minutes for each episode, and they’ll probably be a bit more bare-bones in terms of editing, but rest assured that we aim to provide some very engaging and interesting content each week! The cast for each week will consist of our select group of Podcast regulars: @Aspirety, @Bizkitdoh and @Pepe, together with a rotation of guests from the community for each episode. We are currently accepting expressions of interest in joining the Podcast.

To coincide with that, we will be conducting another round of group interviews for the Podcast! These are to help us get a feel of how comfortable our forum members are in speaking in a Podcast setting, and assess their suitability for the Podcast. We’ll be accepting members who want to apply for the Charlotte Anime Bookclub, CLANNAD Bookclub, or The Monthly Terra. We’re looking for members who display passion, confidence and charisma, and for the Bookclubs a keen ability to analyse texts and draw meaning from them, and for The Monthly Terra some knowledgeability on Key and the workings of the industry. Oh, and a decent microphone and recording conditions. If you think you fit the bill, then please consider applying for an interview! You can find the applications topic here. If you’ve already been interviewed by us for the Podcast in the past, just leave an expression of interest on the forum topic, and I’ll have you added to the list of potential candidates, or otherwise ask for a re-interview.

If you ever get lost, we’ve created this Charlotte Anime Bookclub page to provide information, and serve as an index of all of the relevant links for the Bookclub. You can find the link on the frontpage, so don’t hesitate to check it out if you ever feel lost or confused!

And one more thing! As is the usual thing to do now, we’ll be providing a prize for the forum member we decide is our Charlotte Anime Bookclub MVP! To earn this prestigious honour, you’ll need to prove yourself as an exemplary contributor by engaging in lots of interesting discussion on the forum, and contributing Fanworks for the Bookclub. We’re not ready to announce what the prize is yet, but we’ll ensure it’s worth the effort!

We look forward to seeing you all join us again next month for the Charlotte Anime Bookclub! The promise is to come back home.

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