The Love Song Bookclub has commenced!


The 30th of January marks the beginning of Kazamatsuri’s eighth Bookclub: the Love Song Bookclub! From now until the 12th of March we’ll be discussing different songs of Love Song and Owari no Hoshi no Love Song on the forum, and meeting for a podcast each weekend. This week we’re kicking things off with the first five songs of Love Song, from Hajimari no Saka to Hyakunen no Natsu. You can listen to and post about one song a day, or you can do them all in one go, take it at whichever pace you like. And if you’re an artist, we would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you produce some for some of the songs. The world needs more Love Song art!

For full details on the Bookclub and the full schedule, check out our article here. If you ever need it you can find it in the Bookclubs menu above.

So you what are you waiting for? Grab those albums off iTunes and come join us on the forum!


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