Love Song Bookclub


The Love Song Bookclub is Kazamatsuri’s eighth Bookclub, and is shifting gears by focusing on not a VN or Anime, but a series of music albums. Specifically, Love Song and it’s successor Owari no Hoshi no Love Song. Both of these albums were composed by Jun Maeda, and together weave a story of a world that is ending. Both albums are available on iTunes internationally, so anybody can pick them up and join in!


The Love Song Bookclub will commenced on the 30th of January, and will run for 6 weeks. The first three weeks will cover Love Song, and the latter three will cover Owari no Hoshi no Love Song. We’ll be discussing 4-5 songs a week on the forum, and recording a podcast each weekend wrapping the discussion up. You can follow the schedule at the bottom of the article for when we’ll be covering what songs. We’re also encouraging our more artistic members to produce fanworks celebrating Love Song, because if there’s anything this world needs it’s more Love Song fanart! At the conclusion of the Bookclub we’ll be announcing a Most Valued Poster who we believe made the most positive contributions in both discussion and creative work, and awarding them with a yet-to-be-announced prize and a forum badge!

You can find a schedule for the Bookclub below. Highlighted week is the current week being discussed.

Week 1 (30/1):
1. Hajimari no Saka (The Hill of Beginning)

2. Ao no Yume (Azure Dream)

3. Hoshi Naru Ishi (The Stone That Becomes A Star)

4. Hashiru (Run)

5. Hyakunen no Natsu (Summer of a Hundred Years)

Love Song Bookclub Podcast 1

Week 2 (6/2):

6. Bokura no Koi (Our Love)

7. Haiiro no Hane (Grey Wings)

8. Gramophone

9. Shinwa (Myth)

Love Song Bookclub Podcast 2

Week 3 (13/2):

10. Kooridokei (Ice Clock)

11. Orenai Tsubasa (Unbreakable Wings)

12. Soshite Monogatari ga Owaru (Thus The Story Concluded)

13. Love Song

Love Song Bookclub Podcast 3

Week 4 (27/2):

1. Owari no Sekai Kara (From the Closed World)

?. Kimi no Airplane (Your Airplane)

2. Futari Dake no Ark (Ark for Two of Us)

3. Killer Song

Love Song Bookclub Podcast 4

Week 5 (13/3):

4. Flower Garden

5. Muteki no Soldier (The Invincible Soldier)

6. Kooru Yume (Frozen Dream)

7. Executioner no Koi (Executioner’s Love)

8. Toaru Kaizokuou no Kimagure (The Whims of a Pirate King)

Love Song Bookclub Podcast 5

Week 6 (27/3):

9. Yuki no Furanai Hoshi (A Planet With No Snow)

10. Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai (The Sorcerer of the Volcano)

11. Last Smile

12. Hero no Jouken (Hero)

13. Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song (Birthday Song for This Planet)

Love Song Bookclub Podcast Finale


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