Fanwork Drive: Make stuff for Tomoyo After and win free games!


Art by Takafumi

It’s time for another giveaway! Truth be told, the amount of Fanworks we’re receiving for the Tomoyo After Bookclub is woefully low, so I figure it’s time to throw in some incentive to our more creative members to get to work producing content for us! For this purpose, we’re giving away free copies of Key’s titles on Steam!

Want in? All you have to do is produce some fanart or other creative work for Tomoyo After! It can be cosplay, digital art/software, crafts, anything! Please post your fanworks in our Tomoyo After Fanart Topic, and link to your original post in our Art Portal with your submission details. It’s a two-way content drive: you’ll be submitting both to the Tomoyo After Bookclub, and The K.E.Y. From all who participate, we’ll be choosing what we deem the three most impressive submissions and award the contributors with free games! (Runner up prizes may be on the cards too~) We have the winner’s choice of CLANNAD, CLANNAD Side Stories, planetarian and Tomoyo After up for grabs, but we’ll be ranking the contributions, so the number 1 contributor will get first choice, and so on.

You all have until the 16th of September to get your submissions in before we announce the winners! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. Good luck to all who enter, here’s hoping for lots of awesome creations! Let’s celebrate this unique Key work together.


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