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VisualArt’s/Key has just announced the premier of their Overseas Event Page! This is a webpage dedicated to providing information on their current upcoming overseas events, which we have previously reported on, and will possibly be a venue for information regarding future events. It currently contains information on the following events: CharaExpo in Singapore, Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California, and Japan Expo in Paris, France.

Although we have already reported about some of the goods that Key is planning to sell during these events, this website has all that information collated into neat infographics, which also detail the prices of each of the items. For the fans out there planning their budget for the upcoming events, these infographics would be perfect for you!


Goods being sold at CharaExpo 2015. All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).


Goods being sold at Anime Expo 2015. All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).


Goods being sold at Japan Expo 2015. All prices are in Euro (EUR).

Also mentioned on the page are the special guests which VisualArt’s are planning to bring along to the events. For CharaExpo 2015, Shinji Orito and Kitazawa Ayaka will be attending for a special Talk Show & Mini-Live. As for Anime Expo 2015, Itaru Hinoue herself will be attending for a Q&A Panel and autograph session, as revealed in the Anime Expo Facebook page!

Character designer for CLANNAD, Kanon, and Little Busters!, Itaru Hinoue, will be at #AX2015 for a Q&A panel and autograph sessions!Read more →

Posted by Anime Expo® on Thursday, June 11, 2015

VisualArt’s is really going all-out with these events and, honestly, they seem to be offering just as much content as they do for events held in Japan. This just goes to show the amount of dedication that VisualArt’s is putting into their overseas fanbase, and we are expecting that they will not be disappointed!

Amidst all this news, however, something seems a bit peculiar with the event page. On the “Event List” section, they put up the list of all their upcoming overseas events. However, there is one section intentionally left blank, with a big question mark on it. Any ideas what they mean by this? Are they keeping it blank for future events, or do they have a specific one already in mind? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below!



Don’t forget to check out the Overseas Event Page at for any updates and new information!


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