New VisualArt's Merch to be Sold at Conventions


VisualArt’s has been releasing details and images on thier Facebook page of the merchandise they will be selling at the three cons they will be attending: CharaExpo, JapanExpo, and AnimeExpo. This includes T-shirts, pins, Na-Ga’s -rindou- artbook with special event serial numbers, and more.

VisualArt’s have also started accepting pre-orders specifically for JapanExpo at

They will also be selling the planetarian English box, with the new design decided by the poll.


And finally, perhaps the most unique item that will be sold at JapanExpo and AnimeExpo are high quality, hand-made wall scrolls. They are hand-signed by Hinoue Itaru or Na-Ga, and only one of each will be sold at each be sold at each con. To top it all off each wall scroll comes in a traditional wooden box.


Now of course the big question is: how much will you have to pay to get your hands on one of these two-of-a-kind, signed wall scrolls? Well, the pre-order site is selling them for a whopping 800 €, which converts to a little over 870 USD.


What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new swag? Anyone thinking about purchasing a wall scroll?


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